2003 Winter Carnival

[Vail through Denver, Colorado]

What used to be called Winter Carnival has been renamed “The Blizzard of 2003 Tour”. After a few days of melting snow here in Denver, it’s coming down again.

What a great time we had. Getting back to Denver from Vail was quite a chore as the main route, highway 70 was closed, but us resourceful Jellyfish found the alternate route and made it to the Fillmore just in time. (Patrick, you would have loved my driving through the snow even more than Montana 1999.)

Although we had a lot of shuffling to do with weather issues, we did have the table manned at each show, thanks to Tom and Dan from our Denver fellowship filling in on short notice.

The shows were great and we got an added bonus acoustic bluegrass set on Saturday. It was great seeing Georgie as our only out of town Jellyfish guest. (Not sure how she made it in to Denver with the storm.) Since I will not be making it to Japan, it will break my streak of attending consecutive Incidents at 12 (every one since Halloween, LA).

Peace and Hugs,
Steve K (CO)